The USB Link Visualizer allows operators to identify the state of USB link and its speed. The dongle is used between a USB host (Type A receptacle) and a USB peripheral device (or cable). It helps the operator visualize and troubleshoot basic USB operations when there is uncertainty about the link performance. Since the USB protocol is designed to fall back to lower speed rates if the bus responses are inconsistent, whether on host or device side, due to signal integrity issues, bad cables, or bad (worn out) connectors, the USB Link Visualizer allows quick assessment of link issues before the need to deploy much more expensive USB protocol analyzer equipment . The Visualizer is designed to be non-invasive to USB signals as much as possible.

Price : $59.95


  • Monitors status of USB link for both USB3.0 (Super-Speed) and USB2.0 sub-links
  • Indicates if connection is made at Super-Speed data rate, and/or HS rate, FS rate, or LS mode using color LED indicators
  • Two separate LEDs provide link monitoring if used with hubs
  • Detects if USB3.0 link falls into Compliance Mode
  • Detects if the USB3.0 link is in Ux (inactive) state
  • Uses USB3.0 signal ReDriverâ„¢ to provide equalization, De-Emphasis, and output level control optimized for Link use model
  • Detects if the USB2.0 link is in SUSPEND mode
  • Allows to detect RESUME events on USB2.0 bus.
  • Monitors the presence of valid VBUS voltage level
  • VBUS is tolerant up to 30V Typical power consumption 450mW (SS active)?, 80mW in USB2 mode


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